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"God willing we'll all meet again in Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money..."

It doesn't seem like this has been posted here yet...

Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you the news we've all been waiting for (I would imagine!)... Spaceballs: the sequel?
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WOOT! That is AWESOME news! Thanx for sharin'!
Hehe, no problem... I figured where better to reveal the good news? :D
My mom's DVD player was in need of repair, so she brought it to Best Buy (where it was bought). Apprently, they had put a DVD in to test it while at the store, and she discovered it when she went to watch Amelie.


So now it is mine..ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!!
Woohoo! What a way to get a copy of it :) Congratulations!

I see that you are also a Harry Potter fan... *grins*
When I joined Spaceballs the Livejournal Community, this is exactly the post I had hoped to one day read.
Same here :) Surprisingly, it appeared in one of my friends' LJs... The news made my month, let me tell you :D
Oh my god I can't wait! But we won't have Barf since John Candy is dead R.I.P. <3 But I hope we'll have Bill Pullman and Daphne Zuniga! I'm really excited about this!
I'm hyped for it too :) And I have no idea about anything with the plot except that Yoghurt is supposed to be in it... I'm wondering if he's going to do a prequel? I also wonder if he's going to mock Jar Jar... Hehe :)
Holy crap'n'balls. Now this was some good news. Shit. How am I supposed to sleep now? I guess by closing my eyes. But still...
I know this is much belated, I don't think I ever received the comment in my Inbox for some reason..:/ But yeah, this was definitely some good news :)
Is there any news on it? I haven't been keeping up to date.
I just took a look at everything I could think of, and I can't find any other news on it... I just truly hope that it's not an Internet story that someone made up... But I suppose only time will tell :)
You again?!

And SWEET MUFFIN! Finally!
I think I could say the same for you ;) lol

Nice to see that someone else out there shares some of the same quirky interests with me :D

This news made me sooooo happy, you have no idea... lol
o.O Seeing me again? Aw, how nice!

Or the sequel bussiness? It's about damn time!
Haha, seeing you again made me happy too :) But yeah, the sequel stuff just made my month, let me tell you... I never thought there would be one... lol
Same here. I mean, really, how long has it been? 20 years, something like that?
Haha, I know, right? I think it's been 17 or 18 years... Spaceballs was the first movie that I ever remember seeing in a movie theater... It's been a looooong time... lol
Whoa. I don't even remember what movie I first saw in theaters. Mom says we saw "Muppet Christmas Carol" in the theater, but I don't remember it t all.
I don't know why I really remember it so well... And there's only one thing I remember about it... I remember being in the theaters and asking my mom why the movie said "Chapter Eleven..." So random, but its true :)

I'm sure it wasn't the first movie that I actually saw... Just the first that I can actually remember seeing :)
...And I'm totally lost. "Chapter Eleven"? I never saw that. Of course, I've only seen the video and DVD, both of which also have "The Love is Gone" (Or When love is gone. Who cares, it's a bloody boring song until Michael Caine cries.) in them.
"Chapter Eleven" is one of the first things displayed in the movie... At the top of the Star-Wars-esque diatribe that scrolls along the screen... Mocking the fact that the "1st" Star Wars movie was Chapter Four :)
O.o Nor did I see any Star-Wars-esqu scrolling... I dont think we're talking about the same movie anymore. I was talking about MCC, you're talking about Spaceballs, because I *do* remember Chapter 11 and Star Wars-esqu scrolling... And now I'm not so confused. Okay.
Ahhhh! I think I lost track of which movie was which along the line there, hehe... I'm not so confused either... But yeah, that's my first memory of Spaceballs :) lol