Jaypoc (jaypoc) wrote in weluvspaceballs,

Who are you calling an Asshole? (Spaceballs!)

Seems the posting is a bit stale over here, so I'll try to spark a few minds out there...

Lots happening. Just over a month until the release of Spaceballs Collector's Edition! Anybody hear any word on the sequel? I've heard nothing other than the fact that Mel is working on it. Also, It seems that IMDB pulled it from their database (unless I just cant find it anymore. Saw it once as "Untitled Spaceballs Sequel"

Working on my costume. Anybody have any recommendations/ideas? Behind the cut is a pic of what I have so far. I could use some tips on the jumpsuit, and especially the belt design.

Ignore the wire hanging down :) I work in a PC call center, so this was taken at work during one of their "events". I do have a boom mic on the helmet (added later on) but this was just my phone headset.

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